Become one of our Makers, Artisans, Crafters & Creators

We do things a little differently at The Old Auction House! As makers ourselves we want to support our brands in every way we can. We don’t think you should have to pay simply to be in our space, so we do not “Rent Space” to makers in our retail shop. This means we are in it with the makers, we’re invested in your products and sales in our space as that’s what makes the precinct possible.

We love our customers as they make it so we can do what we love, but it is our brands who are the ones who fill our space and create the atmosphere of our precinct. So we spend hours finding new and exciting brands from all over Australia and countless nights vetting applications, ensuring that everything we stock is handmade in Australia, from quality materials, so our customers can be assured that they are buying a quality product, and supporting small makers and artists with each purchase!


Product Guidelines

Features we look for in brands and applications:

  • Brands that personally hand make their products in Australia.

    • Where a process is outsourced, you need to show it is to another small Australian based business. eg printing, laser cutting, metal plating etc.

  • Originality - new products, unique designs, a different take on an old idea, something that sets your brand apart!

    • We are looking for the best of Australian Handmade, we want to show what is new, exciting and amazing, not the same thing everyone else is making!

  • Products must not infringe on any other individual’s/brand’s ideas, designs or concepts and be safe and legal for sale in Victoria.

    • It’s simply not cool! The Old Auction House will not accept accountability for any trademark, copyright or safety infringements made by any stocked brand. The Old Auction House reserves the right to return any stock found to be breaching these rights back to the makers.

  • Beautifully presented or packaged products with complimentary branding.

    • As we leave your branding and packaging on in store it needs to match your products and labels need to hold their own without you there to sell them!

  • A cohesive range of products that are all made to an extremely high standard.

    • We don’t need your brand to make everything, concentrate on what you do best!

  • Realistic pricing.

    • Brands need to understand where their products sit in the market in general and be aligned with other similar products in-store.

  • Brands that are not stocked in other retail outlets in the Macedon Ranges, or every store in Melbourne etc.

    • There is nothing worse than finding the same selection of products in every second store you visit no matter how amazing those products are!

  • Brands whose values align with The Old Auction House.

    • Everyone has the right to their own opinions and values, where these are expressed publicly as your brand rather than you personally, these need to align with those of our space.

  • Brands that have a positive and active online presence.

    • We work hard to promote our space and all of the brands we stock and we expect our brands to do so as well. We will always try to tag our makers online, don’t forget to share the love back and let your fans know where they can get their fix local


In order to maintain the ethos of our brand we can’t accept the following:

  • Any MLM (multi-level marketing) reps, ambassadors or associate brands

  • Candle and soap makers using “melt and pour” bases

  • Brands that solely use pre-made fragrance oil scents

  • Any form of infringement of Intellectual Property Rights (Trademark, copyright, “inspired by” etc)

  • Any products made outside of Australia.
    - Including products that are Fair-Trade collaborations or Socially Ethically manufactured

  • Products that are produced in a large scale manufacturing process
    - We want to support the Small Handmade businesses of Australia!

  • Makers must do more than assemble pre-made components
    - We require makers to create a significant portion of their products

  • Products that are illegal for sale in Victoria or do not meet the relevant ACCC standard.

What to expect once you are stocked at The Old Auction House:

  • As we try to feature all brands equally, your stock will not remain in the same location in store. We rotate the layout and displays in store regularly to keep it looking fresh, so we cannot guarantee that your products will always be kept together, beside another brand, or in a certain position in the store.

  • Our brands know how to display their products best as most of you do markets frequently! So please feel free to include point of sale stands or display pieces, information cards or brand merchandising with your products and where we can will we use it to highlight your products but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to always use it.

  • We mean no offence if your products go to their new homes without your point of sale packaging. Sometimes staff get busy and forget the intricacies of each brand, sometimes it doesn’t fit with the customers gift-wrapping and sometimes customers just want to wear it out of the store!

  • We can’t promise any brand that they will always be used in our window displays, marketing or advertising campaigns, we believe in sharing the love!

  • From time to time The Old Auction House attends events to increase public awareness of our space. Where we intend on taking your brand we will inform you and we expect that all our brands would inform us if they attend any markets or events in the Macedon Ranges.


What We Believe

  • We believe that any stock that is damaged in store, stolen, or for some other reason cannot be accounted for when we do stock-take counts is not the fault of the maker. Stockloss and damage by customers will be paid as if it was a sold item. If your products come to us damaged in the post we will get in contact to work out the best way to get them back to you for repairs and follow up the courier service for damage in transit. As we follow consumer law regarding manufacturer’s warranties if a customer brings an item back to us due to faults we will refund or exchange for them and get in contact with you to work out a solution.

  • We don’t believe in having Sales. Your products are worth their price year round, this also means we don’t believe in increasing pricing for holidays or events. This benefits both the makers and customers, as so many of our products are one of a kind we can really say that there is no point in waiting as once it is gone it may not be back!

  • We believe that it’s important to always help our brands in anyway we can where possible but with over 100 brands in our store, more than 26 gallery shows each year, four artist studios and our rentable teaching space as well as our teaching load, phone calls and unexpected drop ins are not able to be accommodated and we always recommend email as the best way to get in touch.

  • We believe that every brand that applies deserves to be considered fairly, which is why we ask for 30 days from your application date to be able to sit down and go over your brand. We review batches of applications every couple of weeks against our shop criteria and will endeavour to reply as soon as possible. Please remember there are people at the other end of the email, we make mistakes and occasionally miss emails, and we always appreciate when responses are kept polite.

Ready to Apply?

The Old Auction House Australian Handmade Shop, takes brands on either a wholesale or consignment basis. The basis of being stocked will be dependent on multiple factors including product market saturation, brand reputation, product price point, product category and fit for our store. Some brands may also be offered a 3 month trial on consignment before being accepted as a wholesale brand to test the product in our market.

Check out our Tips & Tricks to put in your best application then head over to our Application Form!